Global Grant for Funding Early Childhood Education in Sri Lanka

In 2017-18, 8 clubs in District 5240 helped fund a project ($43,500) that supported early childhood education by improving preschool teacher's training in rural Sri Lanka. This was the 3rd Global Grant that we have done that is now helping 400 preschool teachers (who are currently in training) to get their diploma.
Since the project beginning in 2012, D-5240 together with three other districts has now reached these total numbers:
  • Number of teachers supported has grown to 4,300!
  • This project is benefiting 86,000 children annually.
  • The total grant value is $515,000!
We learned that this project has now become the largest and most important Rotary project in the Sri Lankan history.
Our club believes that this is a project worthy of our support, as it focuses on educating children in hard to reach rural areas so that they have opportunities similar to those available to children in cities as they grow. Also, the project already has local Rotary partners (PDG Dharshan John, Rotary Club of Colombo East) that are prepared to work with us all to ensure the ongoing success of the project year after year.
The Rotary Club of Goleta Noontime will continue on the started path and hope that you will join us in supporting this project once again in a follow-up fourth Global Grant.

Hopefully you want to be a part of a continuous, growing and successful Global Grant project.

We need commitment from clubs in District 5240 to reach a minimum of $10,000 in cash.
The goal for the fourth grant is to reach the 5,000-teacher mark.
When that happens, we will go to Sri Lanka (2020) as a group travel and participate in the convocation ceremony.
It will be a lot of VIP people (including RI) and a great celebration.
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